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I spend an unhealthy amount of time reading about Kurt and Blaine, the actors who portray them, and other related topics. I'm semi-anonymous, as I am much too old for this fandom and easily embarrassed-(I’m 88 days older then Ryan Murphy.)-also there would be CONSEQUENCES if my connection to this blog were discovered.
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 Some days you just want a cup of tea.

~4000 words. A montage of six scenes of the boys drinking tea. Set after Season five finale. Also available on AO3

Warnings: Finn’s death, blowjobs, rimming, sex

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Things that I think are important in finding out how other people see themselves:

  1. Which Hogwarts house they think they’d be in
  2. Which Winnie the Pooh character they most identify with

Sometimes I make quite horrid manips that have nothing to do with Kurt, Blaine, Chris or Darren. Thankfully only sometimes.





Still cannot believe this is a thing I got to see with my own eyes.

Though, weirdly….it’s like he’s not under the same blanket as Kurt? 

I can’t believe you people find it regular to share a blanket. I would fight anyone who tried that with me, no matter how big the blanket is. MY BLANKET.

(And I think it’s a single blanket, Kurt just sort of has it wrapped around him?)

yes, I think it’s just kind of wrapped around each of them. 


Co-habitational bliss can be greatly amplified if you make your bed with a top sheet and blanket AT LEAST ONE SIZE TOO BIG FOR YOUR BED. (For a double bed, use a queen top sheet and blanket. For a queen, use a king size. For a king size —- fuck it, you need to use two separate blankets.)

King bed + 2 twin top sheets + 3 blankets (2 for me, 1 for him)= end of bedding wars and return to the land of actual sleep. Took almost 10 years to figure this out.

accesshollywoodlive Dapper crew in the house today on #ahlive!! Handsome #humpday guests @hrhchriscolfer #deancain and @mrjacko cohosts with @billybush 👦👦👦👦

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Yeah, I think we’re gonna start shooting the last season [of Glee]…mid-September, I think? Around that time. That’s what I’ve been told, yeah.
Chris Colfer (via chriscolfernews)

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Donnie Yen and Michelle Yeoh are already on board to star in the martial arts drama.

Glee star Harry Shum Jr. has been cast as one of the leads in the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon sequel being directed by Woo-ping Yuen.

The Weinstein Co. is backing the martial arts drama, which began production this week and will shoot in New Zealand and China.

Written by John Fusco (The Forbidden Kingdom), the movie is set is set 20 years after the events of Crouching Tiger and centers on four heroes of the martial arts world — Silent Wolf, Yu Shu-lien, Tie-Fang and Snow Vase — who must use their courage and skills to keep the legendary sword Green Destiny from the hands of the villainous Hades Dai.

Donnie Yen is already cast as Silent Wolf and Michelle Yeoh is already on board as Yu Shu-lien.

Shum will play Tie-Fang.

Shum, repped by Innovative Artists and Triniti Management, is best known for playing Mike Chang on Fox’s  Glee. He recently wrapped filming Revenge of the Green Dragons, an immigrant drama in which he appears alongside Ray Liotta.

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While it will primarily be about The Normal Heart and AHS (the interview is in regards to the Emmy Awards) we might get some Glee info. I’d be surprised if they didn’t ask a question or two about S6 of Glee.

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Ingrid Michaelson’s concert in NYC

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PerezHilton: And a surprise appearance by @darrencriss for a duet at the #ingridmichaelson show!! Such an exquisite song!!! Their harmonizing have me life!!!!!

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@JaneLeeves Let the party begin! #valshouse #hotincleveland
@JaneLeeves Who are those weirdos in the back?! #hotincleveland #valshouse @Wolfiesmom @tmilliner1 @chriscolfer

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          Klaine duet drawings by season: Season 5 (2) (3) (4)

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If you ever feel sad just look at this picture


If you ever feel sad just look at this picture

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adorable <3

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