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I spend an unhealthy amount of time reading about Kurt and Blaine, the actors who portray them, and other related topics. I'm semi-anonymous, as I am much too old for this fandom and easily embarrassed-(I’m 88 days older then Ryan Murphy.)-also there would be CONSEQUENCES if my connection to this blog were discovered.
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Glee covering songs from my youth always makes me stupid happy!  (and sadly nostalgic.) I’m 2 months older than Ryan Murphy—- so many of our youth, popculture touch points are the same.

"Wake Me Up Before You GO GO" was one of those GIANT MONSTER HITS my freshman year of college.  (Along with “RELAX”.)  My strongest memory of this song is watching the uber-cool girls from the room next to mine, standing on their desks and dancing and singing along to this song. A gaggle of boys watched from outside the dorm.  They were the girls we all wanted to be….it was one of those moments from the 80’s where everything seemed bright, shiny, fabulous and special.

 A year later one of them had dropped out, one committed suicide (set herself, her car and her dog on fire) and the 3rd just blended in and disappeared.